Intro / Services

E-commerce platforms

Our specialization lies in deploying dedicated e-commerce solutions for B2B/B2C businesses. Scale is not an issue for us. We develop applications for running a small online shop and big Enterprise-class platforms for international operators with custom-designed functionalities. We create solutions which are capable of handling large volumes of traffic and integrating with nearly any third-party IT system.

Web applications

Web applications are our core business. Today’s web applications are more automated, scalable, user friendly and versatile than ever before. The applications we develop not only address today’s needs; they are also designed to accommodate the need for future development ‒ we never lose sight of our clients’ needs. And we take care of their legal, technology and business security concerns.

Migrations and databases

Database systems such as Oracle, MS SQL, Open source database engines, mainframe, NoSQL, ETL… technology is of secondary importance when data understanding is what matters most. We do not promise a bit-to-bit data migration. We promise however that data will be migrated from technology A to technology B without compromising the sense, meaning or weight of the migrated data.

System monitoring

We provide ongoing post-deployment support which includes: Helpdesk technical support, system and application security monitoring and audits, service availability monitoring, backups, DRP procedures, quick interventions in emergency situations. We do all this so that our clients don’t have sleepless nights because of worrying about their businesses.

CRM/CMS deployments

From identification of data sources, through key processes – status analysis, migration process, business process mapping, to roll-out and training – we are always on hand to help you with your problems. We are familiar with a wide range of technologies ‒ we are equally well versed with high-end B2B solutions and low-cost solutions. Without imposing any "best choice" on you, we will select the means best suited to your needs.

Graphic design, UX/UI design

Technology itself is not everything. An application must also provide an engaging visual experience, be intuitive and user friendly. Our experienced project team is here for you to create not only an application interface, but also all promotional materials: banners, newsletters, animations, landing pages, leaflets, folders. All perfectly visually consistent ‒ because brand image is important.